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“I think midwives like Julia are a rare find in this day and age”  



Gazing into my midwife's eyes
“You are truly a glorious midwife”
“Dearest Julia - Thank you for helping us ride the waves!
In fact thank you for everything, for your care & wisdom & love & understanding & patience & endurance & commitment & holding & knowledge & trust & perseverance & stamina & courage.  I really appreciate your courage and skill as a midwife - thank you.”

“Julia is one of those beings that was born to support others through this journey.  She has a beautiful energy, endless wisdom and she genuinely cares about you and your baby.  Believe me, whether your birth happens the way you plan it to or not, if you have Julia with you it will still be perfect.  She is an absolute Earth Angel and we are blessed to have found her!  When number two comes along she'll be the first person we call!"

“Julia has a way of working which is deeply caring and takes into account the emotional and spiritual needs of mother and child.”

"At 2 hours notice, Julia said yes to assist us.  When she appeared, I felt she was exactly how I wanted my midwife to be, my heart felt at peace.  We wanted a non-intrusive birth, at home by candle light and fire.  Julia remained very quiet and gently and knowledgeably observed that all was going OK.  She knew the old natural way of birthing, she knew about the alternatives to mainstream support.  We could relate to her and she could relate to our desire to be together in the tub for the birth.  We also had a Lotus Birth (keeping the placenta attached till the cord dries) and she knew about it and supported it.”

“A huge thank you for allowing us to manifest our dream labour & birth.  You made me feel so trusting of this whole process.”

“Just a note to thank you for your care and support during the pregnancy and birth of our son.  I feel grateful for your trust in this beautiful journey and for your ability to hold a space of ever present love and respect.  You are truly a wonderful gift to this world Julia and to these little earth angels that are landing!”

“Julia is an amazing midwife and a person of great integrity.”

“Before the birth, Julia gave me the confidence to do what I knew to do but was afraid which was to wait as I was 3 weeks overdue and the medical system was pushing for inducement.  She was totally part of our magic and I wouldn't want to do any different than to birth at home with a natural midwife as soft, loving, caring and deeply rooted in the natural way as Julia is."

“Dearest Julia, Thank you for your beautiful support during the birth of our beloved son.”

"I was blessed to have Julia as my independent midwife during my pregnancy.  I'm sure that no one else could have supported me on such an intimate and sacred journey in the way that she did.”

“The support that Julia gave me through the last weeks of my pregnancy was invaluable and I will never forget it or be able to repay her for it.  Money simply does not say enough.  It is so obvious to me now why women who have had her as their midwife speak so highly of her and recommend her to others.  Julia is so completely supportive and has such a calming presence.  She is also incredibly professional and knowledgeable.”

“I felt completely safe in Julia’s care… it is clear that this is her calling, she is so wonderful at it.  I was finally able to relax and enjoy my pregnancy with Julia as my midwife.”

“Dearest Julia, I wanted to write and say a huge thank you for giving me the confidence & space to have the birth of my choice.  I loved the way you let my body do the work, with all your years of experience sitting peaceful in the room, waiting.  It was a wonderful experience and I’m forever grateful.”

“I had heard fantastic things about Julia over the course of my pregnancy, she has been at the births of many women who now sing her praises at every given opportunity.”

“She talked me through all the different options for my birth from a c-section to a lotus birth, listened to me speak about any issues and fears I had, allowed me to make my own choices and then backed me in those choices wholeheartedly.”

“When I went into labour Julia was there with me every step of the way, and yet she never overstepped the boundaries I had set for her.  I wanted no talking unless I initiated conversation, no vaginal checks unless I asked for them so she simply checked my baby’s heart beat at regular intervals and answered my concerns whenever I raised them.”

“Julia remained such a calming influence throughout.  She coached me through the birth and my son was born happy and healthy, naturally and with no tears, episiotomy or intervention required.  If she had not been there this would have been one of the most traumatic moments of my life.”

“It was extremely important to me that I knew who would be attending my labour.  For me, building a trusting relationship with my midwife and knowing that they would turn up when I went into labour meant that I could let go of any anxiety around that and focus on preparing for my labour in a positive and relaxed way.  I strongly felt that this would have a beneficial effect on the birthing process itself.”

“Julia surpassed all expectation with regard to her personal integrity, the excellent services she provided and the invaluable support she gave me and my partner, especially during the labour.  I can sincerely say that the home birth of my daughter was an incredibly positive experience.”

“At the birth itself I cannot tell you how much of a difference it made to have her there.  She was totally calm and professional whilst letting the birth run its natural course.  As a result the birth was a wonderful experience and something we both look back on as a time of wonder and joy.”

“Dearest Julia, You are often in our thoughts and we wish to thank you deeply (and words are not enough) for all the lovely care you have given us.  Thank you, thank you.”

“Much love to you - the best midwife in the world - I’ll always love you Julia.”

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