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“Thank you so much for the support you’ve given us - we appreciated the lightness of it, the space you gave us and the possibilities you facilitated.”  

Birth Preparation


My growing bellyIn my work as a midwife I have come to realise that there are some important factors that determine the likelihood of a positive birth experience.  The most obvious are the love and support of companions and professionals with whom the pregnant woman feels safe and in whom she can place her trust.

There are, however, conscious and subconscious patterns that may interfere with the natural unfolding of the birth process.  These factors include our own experience of being born, our ability to love ourselves, our perception of our own mother, and fears and shock resulting from traumatic events.  I have found that by helping clients to release these blocks prior to the birth of their baby, the labour and birth are more likely to unfold smoothly and even ecstatically.

There are many ways of dissolving blocks and opening up to a beautiful birth experience.  The therapies I like to use include EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) and Family Constellation Therapy.  These methods help one to access the places where help is needed.  Release and integration can then safely take place, freeing healing energy to flow where it once was blocked.

If you choose to have your baby with me I will happily teach you and your partner how to use EFT to help clear any fears to do with your baby’s birth or to help resolve difficult feelings left over from a previous pregnancy or birth experience.

I am also happy to facilitate family constellation sessions for you.  This can be particularly beneficial when there has been a traumatic separation between mother and child in your direct blood line e.g. through adoption or the mother’s early death or mental illness.

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